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0.1.17 update - enemies, balance, sign in features!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Dear Players, based on your gameplay experience with Horror Forest 3 so far - the only one open-world MMORPG zombie shooter - and feedback from you which we have received recently, we just added and changed some features to make playing HF3 even more fun and enjoyable!

Changelog 0.1.17.:

  • Added more zombies.

  • Added google sign in option.

  • Added distinction in healthbars for bosses.

  • Fixed enemy behaviour.

  • Rebalanced enemy statistics.

  • Rebalance item and outfit prices.

  • Redesigned player and enemy healthbars.

Let us know what you like (or dislike) the most in the game and changes, and keep in touch! Follow us on social media: Facebook

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1 Comment

Josh Oxford
Josh Oxford
Oct 14, 2021

So I'm lvl 26 and I've for days been trying to get a shotgun saving money and the shotgun prices are ridiculous even for the first one and trying to get money maxing like 20 something per kill if u got the double gold going its gonna take forever by the time I get to get the first shotgun ill be lvled up to get the other guns and will never have enough to get the better guns please fix im saying screw it and going to hope I get something in the boxes I guess if I use all my gems on boxes and don't get a shotgun or rifle im over this game untill I see this fixed…

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