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0.2.35 update is live!

Greetings survivors! A new update is now available for download on Android Store (0.2.35). Here is a changelog:

  • buff: Increased materials and gold return from dismantling weapons

  • new: Dismantling also refunds used schematics

  • new: Added option for selling unlocked lvl 1 weapons

  • new: Red enemies now deal more damage and receive less

  • nerf: Greatly reduced weak spot damage

  • qol: Greatly reduced gold drops variance

  • qol: Added on-screen quest indicator

  • misc: Added more anti-cheat measures

  • The level cap is now set to 30

Thank you for your patience and stay in touch for more updates!

~Horror Forest Team

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1 Comment

Crsan 91 / قرصان
Crsan 91 / قرصان
Dec 17, 2020

Hope u add boy character and do more clothes.

Waiting for next update <3

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