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0.2.19 update - Portuguese (Brazil) added, Apocalyptic Town preview, and more!

Greetings survivors!

A new update is now available for download on Android Store. Yesterday, we released a 0.2.19 version with Portuguese (Brazil) translations, Apocalyptic Town preview, and more!

See all changes below:

  • Added Portuguese (Brazil) translations

  • Added map selection window

  • Added preview of the new map (Apocalyptic Town)

  • Fixed friends panel sometimes not updating correctly

  • Increased all ranged weapons damage

  • Increased loot boxes rewards

  • Increased tutorial’s clarity

  • Removed places where the player could go to and a zombie couldn’t

Let us know what you think about the update. Thank you for your patience and stay in touch for more updates!

Make sure to be a part of our community and check our social media profiles:

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