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0.2.16 update - fixes, improvements, and a gun for everyone!

Dear Players, based on your game style and experience with Horror Forest 3 so far, we just added and changed some features to make playing HF3 even more fun and entertaining!

Changelog 0.2.16:

  • Added - new auto selection buttons for levelling up weapons - new quest "Kill zombie dogs"

  • Depleted energy can now be refilled

  • Fixed some bugs related to zombies

  • Fixed ranking position display

  • Fixes in user interface

  • Improved and added new animations to player character

  • Improved campfire new animation and interface

  • Increased drop rate of melee and pistol schematics

  • Lowered first pistol level requirement to lvl 6

  • Player is now granted 100 gems while creating new save

Let us know what you think about the update. Happy cutting and drilling!

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