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0.2.10 update - tutorial, new quests, location and weapons upgrades!

Dear Players, we have an update for both types of players: looking for a 'first steps' guide (tutorial) and focused on end-game zones, upgrades and leveling up gear, weapons and character. Notice, that we have wiped the game so all of you need to start over from the beginning. Server reset was crucial because we've changed many key features like progress system, weapons upgrade and character balance. Please ensure you're updated to the latest version before entering the Horror Forest.

Changelog 0.2.10:

  • Added: - inventory view in menu - tutorial area - loot boxes that drop schematics required for upgrading weapons - system for leveling up weapon and upgrading rank - weapon training - new weapons - energy system - new quests and location “Campfire” - player debuff after respawn in camp (slower movement, lower HP regen)

  • Reworked main menu

  • Enemies now drop materials used for leveling up weapons

  • Adjusted game's balance

  • Reworked player’s movement and attacking system

  • Improved player’s animation

  • Increased zombie brightness

  • Additional grass displays only on high quality settings now

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Let us know what you think about the update. Happy slashing and shooting!

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