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0.1.20 update - Anti-cheat and more!

Dear Players, we have an update for those of you who are eagerly awaiting improved security in Horror Forest 3. Thanks to everyone for your reports as we've been working on this matter. Below you can find a list of new features and bug fixes we released this week.

Changelog 0.1.20:

  • Added anti-cheat measures

  • Added different colors to player names to all chats

  • Added warning after clicking sign out on guest account

  • Added new enemies - zombie dogs

  • Fixed some devices having too low resolution

  • Fixed zombie prisoner boss behavior

  • Guest accounts now can be linked to google

  • Increased distance how far zombies can be lured from spawns

  • Optimized performance of new zombies

  • Respawning in camp now applies a temporary debuff to all stats

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Let us know what you think about the update. Make sure to check our social media profiles:

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