New Game from Wenkly Studio!

is a brand new game from our studio that will thrill blood in your veins.

Become one, which will stand against plenty.

Adapt, improvise, overcome.
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leveling screenshot.png

Welcome, stranger,
to Horror Forest 3: the only one open-world MMORPG zombie shooter!
Prepare for cutting, slashing and smashing zombies, mutants and other toxic creatures.
Learn how to move quick, fight deadly, level up and upgrade your character, unlock weapons, boost your skills and claim customization skins. Force the undead evil alone or in 8-player multiplayer PvE mode. 
The world is collapsing. Disease is spreading. You’re one of the last who survive. But you have only a wooden stick in your hand. Fortunately, you can make it. Fight for your life, scavenge some goods, buy better weapons and equipment, complete various quests, help your friends or strangers. Check daily and time challenges, check out what’s going on in your hideout, where you can meet new foes or just relax for a while